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Lifting the Fog of States’ Rights Conservatism

Now that the Republican machine has begun to break into pieces we see the voice of "true" conservatism emerging here and there, disclaiming any association with these Republicans, who have appropriated their party and created one of the biggest combined messes in the history of the United States, and they are hastily reaffirming that they are and always have been the old minimalist federal government, states’ rights conservatives who have recently been (sniff Crying) abandoned by their own party. While you are wondering where they were when it all went down and the machinery was assembled to make the Executive Branch a model of corporate organization, if you are listening politely, not surprisingly you will hear
something like the following, stated forthrightly, in clear, declarative grammar, without a hint of irony:

The United States was founded by a group of strong, exceptional individuals who favored states rights.
That’s why the Bill of Rights limited the rights of government and protected the
rights of individuals. That’s also why they enumerated the spending authority of
the Federal government in the constitution and left the balance of government to
the States.

Let’s point out for just a moment that those "strong" individuals often spoken of with such reverential accolades, were
the correlates to modern day "effete" intellectuals, the corporate, military,
and intellectual elite we have in our upper federal government positions today.
They were the well bred elites of their time; the upper crust.

cleverly pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes by weaving enough contradictions
into the document we call our Constitution to eventually stalemate just about
everything legally functional that could have prevented the eventual and
"necessary" emergence of a strong central government, managing the nation as polyarchy, thus run by the
only ones they considered suited to manage the rabble — elites like
themselves. …Gridlock indeed…

That’s what’s finally emerged today.

Only the difference in elites from that era to now is, today’s are the
self aggrandized versions of the economically-oriented, self interested side of
the liberalism being cast in their philosophical, utopian writings of the time, the early versions of our modern day hooded priests of economic esoteria.  The visionaries who manage the religion of the day.  You know the
influential names, Adam Smith and so forth.

The Founders’ "concerns"
about elites and the masses date back to the philosophy of Plato, represented by
his allegory of the cave where he separates the seers of society from the
mentally chained and thus illusioned masses. The seers are the appropriate
rulers, said Plato.

The Founders of course read Plato’s Republic in their studies,
quite naturally recognized who they were in the Cave Allegory, and so their
struggles to create the Constitution were stimulated by that self awareness and
their sudden and deep "concern" that arose in the years immediately following
the success of the Revolutionary war for what appeared to them to be a need to do
something about their horror at perceiving what actually was emerging.

What they saw, from their refined, cultivated, exceptional perspectives, was to their sensibilities a
sort of "unmanaged chaos" growing in the states (strangely reminiscent of
democracy), where some of the unwashed mob, which had impertinently begun
expressing their individuality earlier during the 1700s, thus leading to the
build up in social forces that created the atmosphere for the great Revolution in 1776, separating the Colonies from the rulers in Europe, and who were now
stretching that impertinence — useful though it might have been when
these elites needed soldiers for the war, but now was a bit of a nuisance when it came to having an orderly society — by
attempting to give women and slaves human rights too.

This was happening
because of what they perceived as an atmosphere created by a somewhat loose and
weakly defined form of central government (one that could actually have permitted
States’ Rights our modern day conservatives pine for), The Articles of Confederation that was still in

That just couldn’t be allowed. It was, uh, somehow… just not
right, maybe even dangerous.

So they crafted and produced a true
work of art… a Republican form of government, not a liberal one, not a
government of the people, by the people and for the people (but getting that in
there was one of the first great marketing scams of the day though), and if any
one were to bother to notice while they are now being indoctrinated in high
school government classes where this work of art is studied, they might
recognize that "the people" are carefully screened from direct participation.

Oh, yes, I know, of course I know… we get to vote! Yes indeed, we get
to legitimate the elite who rule us. That’s our "voice"! Wow. Kind of like the
survey question: "do you think the president is doing a good job?"
Yes..No..Don’t know. Lots of input there to work with from us. Exemplifies how
much "they" really care.

The Tenth Amendment was an afterthought, dredged
up from the discarded Articles of Confederation, ratified on December 15, 1791.
Hardly their focus. The Supreme Court has rarely declared laws unconstitutional
for violating the Tenth Amendment.

And American Exceptionalism.
Embedded hegemonic propaganda indeed! Yay America!

And so, with our own
success well in hand, we are now extending it to the other unwashed masses in
the world in all our proselytizing benevolence and splendor. Through the genius
of the Republic invented by these "strong" men. Our Founders.


One response

  1. Karen

    Well whoda thunk it? So, you’re basically saying that the Constitution of the USA was written by the elite, for the elite? States rights and peoples rights were tagged on as an afterthought? A smoke-screen, if you will?  Shocking! ;o)Karen. x

    August 8, 2008 at 10:56

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