My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”

Thinking and creating, a holistic perspective from epigenetics

In response to a riff I read recently on messianic power grabbers and the etiology of
the superhero disease in human awareness, I was stimulated to recall wondering, about the time I found myself "trapped" in the U.S. military institution in a far away and dangerous
land, what would happen if all us grunts who followed orders down that
long chain of command simply chose not to listen and went about doing
something else? What would those leaders do?

Leaders get sensory feed back. We respond in ways that feed them in
their beliefs. The system itself conspires to feed their beliefs.
Awakening has to be about that sort of thing, how the system actually
works, and how we keep it going.

Society is, at base, a system, somewhat closed. We can very
significantly alter our relationships within the system by becoming
aware of systemic nature itself, and how we participate in maintaining the very
mechanical aspects of the feedback loops that keep systems going. The
mistake of attitude and conceptual realization of "reality" by the whole group think endeavor that evolves, is similar to the mistake that went on for fifty years in
biology when it was assumed that the DNA was the control center for the
cell. Leaders assume they are the control center for the social system.
Rather, like the cell, it’s the cell’s perception system that is more
important in calling forth a response from the DNA when a protein is
needed for behavior. DNA is merely the blueprint for producing the
needed proteins for life.   Kuhn talks about these conceptual "awakenings" as "revolutions" in science.  Like the revolution of imagining the earth was both flat and the center of the universe by the elite social managers, whose jobs were in the religious department, about six hundred years ago.

We may want to alter our proteins, which are now formed as interlinked
hierarchies each with command structures designed to replicate a form
to do battle, as armies do, or competition, as corporations do.

The environment for that may have changed as a result of that behavior
of replicating those protein shapes of defense and competition, so much
so that such behavior is no longer adaptive.

The messianic leaders are very possibly no longer the blueprint we need
from our DNA, which we mistake as leadership. We no longer need the
loner superhero, or the lone ranger cowboy, those are all the wrong
responses from our blueprint mechanisms, when what we really need is an
atmosphere of cooperating cells that support and care for one another
to produce a healthy body. Maybe those leader/follower DNA blueprints
were always a cancerous response when solidified in institutions.

Apparently we now recognize can do that with our very conscious
perception, which includes our belief systems that screen, filter and
thereby alter our awareness and thus change the nature of the signals
sent to the DNA and the response the DNA creates with its management
blueprints, giving us the institutional the form of the proteins we
conceive that we need for life.

In fact, that nature of cooperative blueprints may already be there in
the DNA, waiting for a call from the right perceptual signals we can
learn to send ourselves with conscious intent. We may have been
producing a cancerous variety of it for several thousand years now, and
it’s become an epidemic, a plague on this closed biospheric system we
call the earth.

For a little bit more on this DNA metaphor, I recommend taking a glance at the following on the fascinating topic of epigenetics:


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