My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”

Development of underdevelopment

I was having an on board discussion on a message board with a friend the other day about the latest bill in Congress to further regulate and control our food supply, I’d said:

"We," as in small organic farmers, permaculturists and the like, people who do not want a nanny anything, are deeply upset.

and he responded:

At some point, people will perhaps get that the function of government has come to be breaking opportunities for independence and having the majority relying upon another for their means of livelihood …..and wealth creation controlled by a very, very few…the top .1%.

I thought that was a good enough summary worthy of expansion with a little more information from my long interest in examining this topic, so I responded with:

I have to admit I’m not very confident people in general will "get" anything of the sort.  I wrote up a long and "thoughtful" post on another thread where you were struggling to refine the meaning of socialism with some of those who use the word as a way of ending conversation rather than an explorative description.  I simply deleted it before bothering to post.

I became interested in development theory many years ago, and if one studies it over time, one may notice that the concept that a "government’s function," as you put it, really does have more to do with breaking down opportunities for independence than creating and supporting them.  Careful observation can reveal that a breaking down process becomes a consistent pattern that can take some real effort to ignore.  The propaganda of progress and development wants us to believe otherwise.  And so people as a rule are carefully indoctrinated into a set of ideologies that supports some notion of ongoing evolutionary progressivism. 

The deeply entrenched sociological propaganda itself is based on simple principles of delayed gratification and hope for a future, sprinkled with tidbits of poorly constructed commodified evidence of technological innovation designed with the full knowledge it must break down in order to keep people fully dependent.  Theat’s the real basis of dependency theory.  WalMart has become the epitome of dispersing that propaganda.

It takes a lot of patient effort and very importantly, time, to
sort out the way things work and to be able to stand back and see
effects that take time to unfold.  One must make time, one must want to
make the time.  It’s obvious most people are in too much turmoil trying
to survive to bother to follow the process through far enough to see
that the propaganda of offering development opportunities to all of us, here in a "developed" nation as well as the underdeveloped places on this planet, does not hold true with the consistent results over time. 

What emerges out of that process is what has been described by Andre Gunder Frank as the development of underdevelopment.  Underdevelopment is necessary in the peripheries, where the resources are extracted, and brought to the centers where the wealth is accumulated.  Underdevelopment in the centers is another matter, where the illusion of being developed is a marketing theme while people are systematically robbed of their abilities to make do for themselves through a process that Thomas Frank  (another Frank) identifies as "commodification."  Colonialism, slavery, third world, all of those are euphamistic in describing the on going process of using people in this struggle, enslaving them in one managerial fashion or another while the wealthy remain wealthy.


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