My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”

New patterns emerging

My sleep patterns are utterly screwed up now.  I’m getting too many naps and not sleeping through the night.  I need to start some new walking patterns.  I really depended on you to stimulate me into a pattern on that score.

I’m due for an early nap after last night’s three 90 minute sleep cycles.  The house is toasty warm though it’s 37 degrees out and raining drearily.  I love this wood I found up the hill behind the house!  A wild cherry of some kind someone planted on the hillside years ago snapped off probably during the storm in December, 2007, and it’s been supported above ground by the surrounding trees.  A bit tricky to cut, horizontal and elevated like that, but it’s been suspended and drying in mid air for over a year.  Great find this time of year. This cherry wood burns hot and fairly long, and creates long lasting coals that look like coal burning in the fire box.  They last all night when I damper the stove all the way down.

So I try to take a nap but I can’t seem to fall asleep.  I lay there
comfortably and relaxed, wrapped in my sleeping bag, and it’s a nice
period of time, just breathing, focusing on the exhale. When I get up and look outside it’s snowing, a very
wet snow that melts immediately upon contact with the wet ground.  The
temperature which is supposed to reach 52 degrees today has dropped
three degrees to 34 in the last hour.  I go to the wood stove and
cheerily put in more wood, after first making it into smaller pieces so
it will get hotter quicker.

Ren, 10:00AM


One response

  1. Ric

    Hi RenCherrywood makes for a great slow burn. From memory, it smells pretty good too. Sleeping herbs work good for me. A combination of gaba, skullcap, passionflower, valerian root and chamomile flower extract never fails to put me down. Source Naturals, NutraSleep has a great formula Taken with a hit of melatonin and a few cups of valerian tea always restores my sleeping patterns. Take care, Ric

    April 2, 2009 at 06:31

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