My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”


I wonder if the word "compulsion" actually means anything
experientially to anyone so glibly writing out these categorical

To me, compulsory is a kind of painful experience. I
wouldn’t wish it on anyone, nor would I attempt to invoke it. But there
is a value in experiencing it, because you then do understand liberty
as a very real experience, not just as an abstract idea to be bandied
about in rhetorical gibberish on, for instance, a message board where people argue about freedom from the government forcing them to do things, where the same is not true of a corporation, ignoring all the while the structure of the entire society in which the institution of the corporation defines its purpose, and within that the initiators of that purpose operate their intentionalities within the rules of all those mixtures of rule based paradigms.

"compulsory" is experienced completely, as in being drafted into the
military and discovering what freedom of choice is about in a nation
you are told growing up allows you freedom of choice, not like
Communist Russia which we are supposed to fear as a totalitarian
threat, which is why we have to learn to hide under our seats in school
when the air raid alert goes off (I guess that dates me), one actually
experiences liberty by the very experience of its absence and the angst
one recognizes by having one’s autonomy to act for oneself put at
serious risk. Patrick Henry’s phrase: "Give me liberty or give me
death" actually transforms at that moment, because you realize no one
is going to give you anything. Authority is a set of institutional
rules. You aren’t in a parental paradigm anymore. That makes the very
question asked at the beginning of this thread absurd to me.

corporation is an institution, just a set of rules put in play by
humans. A set of rules in a larger setting of rules — the legal
structure of a nation. Human beings bring the humanity, the ethical
intention, the caring about anything to the institution. It’s up to
them how the rules play out. The abstraction we call an institution and
the rules don’t really care one way or another. Just as the language we
use itself doesn’t care. It’s just a complex set of grammatical rules
and sounds.


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