My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”

A documentary about hypocrisy

Ok, first thing to look out for when you want to talk about changing
the world if you want to make it what you think will be a better place,
is the guy running around looking for a chance to shout "HYPOCRITE." 
You know the guy.  See, the thing that’s a little frustrating for us
"let’s try to see if we can change things before we kill ourselves"
people is, this guy demands that you already be living the way you want
the world to be or else you’re a hypocrite, so SHUT UP!.  If you aren’t
living in a mud hut drinking water out of large leaves, and you want
prevent technology from destroying the planet, then you are a hypocrite
if you even mention the idea — never mind the logical fallacies, never
mind the impossibilities involved in creating a world system all by
yourself before you open your mouth.

So, with that in mind, when I saw a trailer for a documentary called Do
As I Say
(you can watch the documentary at that link), I thought
about Mr. You’re a Hypocrite.  Hey! I thought. Maybe I should become one
of those guys. There’s a whole market out there for money scammers
looking for a way to make big money like Michael Moore has, with a
documentary, and he’s a hypocrite, too!  Maybe I can be everything, a
hypocrite, a change the world guy, just like Michael Moore and Al Gore!

After all, since we’re all in this global mess together, then, if we
want the system to change and be truly different, we are all bound to
be hypocrites, one way or another, by default, so live with it! Embrace
it!  Have some fun!

The only real possibility for change, if change is even wanted, would
be if billions of people do billions of little things every single day
that are truly different than what the system now makes easy for us to
do, which is, of in the end, how it manages us through our willing,
nearly blind participation. We are therefore helpless.  This makes us
free of responsibility, so we don’t have to worry about being
hypocrites. It’s no big deal. It’s just another meaningless word in a
world of sound bites and hypnotic flows of advertising images.  Sit
back and relax.  Watch television, eat some Cheetos while you’re at it.

Meanwhile, what makes life easy now, also systematically destroys a
little more of the grid of living systems that we pretend to understand
through our most advanced tools. Yes indeed, those advanced human
created tools, tools we can simultaneously use to tell ourselves we are
destroying the living systems of the planet we also hypocritically use
on a daily basis without a second thought, systematically destroying
this grid of life which makes it possible for us to breathe each minute,
something we tend to take completely for granted until that moment when
a breath is not possible.

Humanity’s tools we can lump into a single conceptual thought, a
thought that metaphorically at the same time represents our self
conceived advanced evolutionary place on this planet.  A progressive
place that we’ve finally "achieved" after several million years of

Our latest sacred cow: science, translated through our system of
cultural idea systems, like our philosophies, literatures, even
religions, allows us to envision ourselves as the boss species of the
planet. And this increasingly integrated system of managed, programmed
human beings as a whole agrees de facto, by their daily actions if
nothing else.  We are that arrogant chosen species at the peak of our
self conceived hierarchy that makes up the grid of linked living
ecosystems and moving cycles of gaseous atmosphere and water we call the

We are also beginning to look a lot like we might be Gaia’s cancer.



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