My thoughts about culture and our present conditions. As Dianne Moore says in Learning to Love a Wounded World, "This requires a willingness to feel everything…. the horror and the beauty of what is here…. the fear and the Love.”

The same way they sell us our wars

How repulsive the industrial civilization’s version of American politics has become to me. I don’t know what these things are we make all this fuss about electing to the Presidency. They resemble human beings but in action they become mere caricatures of something; I think that something is more like Stepford wives: cyborg automatons, "manufactured" through the magic of institutional effect to fit a marketing image, smiling faces speaking codified prescriptions for scripts that ultimately represent something insidious that’s taken over behind the televisioned stage sets in the secretive corporate board rooms we call our government.

Obama’s speech at West Point on Dec 1st was as Orwellian as any before it. He’s just a more charming front for some of our tastes, less charming for the Joe Sixpacks and the Texas rednecks with their gun rack pickups headed for the local bar for a corporate brew, barely discernible, but manufactured in color as beer. They’ll put up a new automaton to appease that crowd next time around, maybe she’ll be an ex beauty queen from Alaska. Call her "Governor" they’re saying on this preemptive marketing tour for a book someone ghost wrote for her. The governor who quit her job to save the Joes.  Now there’s a de-institutionalized grass rooting for ya Wink.

Since Reagan, they all give these marionette talking points to their troops, in this case the Army elite at West Point. We can make fun of it, we can sneer at it, we can take it apart and critique why they do it, and they just keep doing the same thing, over and over like there’s no there there, like it’s just a giant, animated McDonald’s hamburger talking for a network of corporations bent on plundering the planet.

They sell us the President the same way
They sell us our clothes and our cars
They sell us every thing from youth to religion
The same time they sell us our wars
I want to know who the men in the shadows are
I want to hear somebody asking them why
They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
But they’re never the ones to fight or to die
And there are lives in the balance
There are people under fire
There are children at the cannons
And there is blood on the wire

Jackson Browne, from Lives in the Balance



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